Large scale structural installation delivered by GG’s Leeds branch

January 21, 20200

The Leeds branch of GG Glass and Glazing has successfully delivered a large scale structural installation at the latest outlet of high end luxury retailer, Flannels.


The impressive new store, set on the high street in Watford, marks the most recent opening for Flannels and is the latest in a number of glazing installations by GG Glass.

A new glazed façade formed a pivotal part of the store redevelopment and the team where tasked with full specialist, design & install project works under a 4 week programme.

A combination of 21.5mm clear toughened laminated glass panels and 21.5mm clear toughened back painted black ceramic glass panels were bolted back to full height 19mm clear toughened glass fins into SS base shoes and head angles.

The unusual and striking façade design featured four rows of over 200 bespoke SS bolted fixings attached through the glass with mesh panels fixed in two horizontal rows across the full width of the façade.

The entrance area featured bespoke powder coated aluminium vertical external angled fins as a design feature along with a toughened glass door on 100m DORMAKABA Stainless steel rails, with an electronically operated Solenoid lock for added security.

Nick Dunn, Branch Manager at GG Glass and Glazing in Leeds commented: “Flannels are really going against the grain on the high street and are rolling out an ambitious physical store expansion plan. We have been part of the supply chain for a number of these stores throughout this roll out and have a clear understanding of their vision and ethos, helping them to create the right aesthetics and functionality, particularly in terms of the façade.”

Work at the Watford site was particularly challenging as the working space from the front of the façade to the external hoardings on the high street was restricted, allowing enough space of powdered access, crane & a restricted supply of glass. Logistics here where key and the glass was delivered during a number of early morning visits.

Nick added: “Even against some significant challenges, we once again managed to achieve all of our client’s objectives, working within the restraints of the site parameters and location.”

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