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Successfully modifying the existing curtain wall to seamlessly integrate new entrance aluminium doors. This project has not only met our client’s vision for a modern and inviting entrance but also adhered to the highest standards of craftsmanship, compliance and design integrity. The end result is a seamless and aesthetically pleasing transformation that enhances the overall...


Great work from the team. The frameless glass design maximises natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts passers. The minimalist design not only highlights the products but also emphasises the brand’s commitment to contemporary style.


GG Glass appointed for another fitout in Edinburgh St James Quarter AESTHETICS Frameless glass that provides an uninterrupted view ensuring the feeling of space remains. Concealed mechanisms to provide a sleek, clean, and modern look that aligns with the architects’ requirements. ACCESSIBLE The doors allow access to the building by wheelchair, helping ensure compliance with...


We supplied 8mm clear toughened safety glass & 300 + panels delivered within 2 weeks of receipt to our customer. These then where transported from Yorkshire to Rome and built the Ryder Cup structure. “To our dedicated team, partners, and loyal clients – your unwavering support and collaboration have been paramount. Here’s to future endeavours...


A busy week for our Gateshead team. Recently Security boarded within 2 hours and replaced the shopfront after a car reversed through the shopfront. The new powder-coated aluminium shopfront with clear laminated safety glass was fabricated in-house and installed 7 days later.  


Challenges: The project presented unique challenges stemming from the architectural design’s stringent requirements. The aim was to push the boundaries of implementation without compromising the architect’s vision while adhering to strict program and budget constraints. What initially appeared as a straightforward task turned out to be remarkably intricate. Approach: Our team embarked on a comprehensive...


  Our latest WOS store in York installed by our Leeds Branch. Installed to their specific requirements for security and safety. A high quality finish is the standard for this high quality brand. Always a pleasure to be involved with their stores. Watch this space for more to come!!


Challenges: Due to the design intent without altering architects visual, we have taken glass to its limits without being overrun on programme and budgets. Something that can look simple turned about to be very complex. Approach: The team conducted a thorough analysis of the project site to identify potential challenges and develop a detail plan...


Sephora first store in the UK opened today at Westfield White City, London. The Structurally Bolted shopfront installed by GG looks fantastic! Well done team!! @westfield We don’t even need to tell you to run here 💄 #Westfield #Sephora #SephoraUK #WestfieldLondon ♬ original sound – Westfield UK