Whisky Experience Museum – Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow.

November 8, 20170

GG Glass and Glazing are proud to have been involved in the restoration of the Pump house.

Built in 1877, this pump house originally operated the swing bridge at the entrance to Glasgow’s once great Queen’s Dock. Today it celebrates the major role that whisky has played in shaping both Glasgow City and Scotland as a whole, as well As providing an introduction to The Clydeside Distillery, one of the first malt distilleries to be built in Glasgow for over a century.

The realisation of its founder’s vision, The Clydeside Distillery marks both the welcome return of distilling to the banks of the River Clyde and an exciting new chapter in Glasgow’s ever-evolving whisky story.

Fusing elements from the city’s proud maritime past, like the shape of a ship’s funnel and the typeface inspired by Queen’s Dock’s distinctive warehouse rooflines with a contemporary colour palette and packaging, the Clydeside Distillery brand combines the very best of the old and the new, tradition with innovation, and rich heritage with modern appeal.