Iceland freeze out intruders with GG Glass innovation

June 13, 20190

GG Glass has developed a bespoke security glazing system for high street food giant, Iceland.

Iceland have been plagued with security issues at stores throughout the UK with intruders breaking and entering through the main door, typically unprotected by a surrounding shutter system. GG Glass where tasked with developing a system able to withstand the force of an attempted break in, deterring intruders and preventing access.

The ‘SGS’ Security Glazing System has been successfully piloted at the GG Glass Birmingham branch with members of the Iceland team presents to witness the strength, durability and effectiveness of the proposed solution.

Now fitted with a unique extruded aluminium profile bead and bead carrier and glazed with 11.5mm clear laminated anti bandit glass, GG Glass has applied the security glazing reinforcing the strength of the glass and ensuring the door and frame can withstand and hold any attempt to break in.

Ray Moss, Director at GG Glass explained: “GG Glass has been working with Iceland for many years delivering both emergency and contract glazing services. The facilities management team approached us to help develop a solution that could help address and combat the extensive number of break ins they’re seeing nationally.

“Our team have taken a typical Iceland door specification and developed a unique and truly fit for purpose solution. Rigorous testing shows that the SGS system will provide full protection for the most aggressive of attempted break-ins, where force is applied by hand or through the use of objects or weapons.”

The Iceland team are currently reviewing the SGS system with a view to applying a national roll out, retrospectively reinforcing existing openings whilst including the SGS specification at all future stores, with 100 new store opening planned for this year alone.

Ray continued: “The Iceland team where incredibly impressed with our proposal and where able to witness the product and its potential first hand. This system is entirely fit for purpose and meets all of the client’s needs and objectives.”

As part of a wider proactive approach to maintenance, the Iceland facilities management team are exploring ways to reduce disruption to stores caused by breaks ins as well as saving time and money.