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New Schuco Glazing Units

When a long-standing customer needs replacement glazing we don’t hang about, and no challenge is too great. And when that customer is Glenmorangie we certainly wouldn’t want to risk interfering with the production of their excellent single malts!

So we pulled out all the stops one recent Sunday. Over the course of 8 hours, our Glasgow team performed the somewhat delicate and tricky task of replacing two giant Schuco double glazed units at their Edinburgh premises.

Excellence in Engineering and Design

Schuco, for those who don’t know, build precision-engineered glazing units to the highest design specifications. They offer the best there is in German engineering, providing innovative solutions in terms of comfort, design, energy efficiency and security.

Precision and Delicacy

It’s never a simple matter to manoeuvre these gigantic glazed units in the confines of a town setting.

We brought in a mobile crane, which needed extending to lift the quarter tonne units over the high street and a conservatory area. The safety not only of the installation team but also of any passers-by was of prime importance, but no less was protection of the unit itself.

The very thought of dropping one is enough to make the blood run cold.

It’s the type of job that requires precision at every stage, and no small amount of planning to ensure equipment and operators are exactly where they need to be at every moment. Sucker units were used to hold the glazing securely whilst it was inched into place, ensuring maximum safety and precision. Weighing in at 1/4 tonne each, one false move could have resulted in disaster.

Expertise and experience from our Glasgow team saw the completion of the job without mishap, and Glenmorangie’s Edinburgh offices will remain smart and secure for many years to come.

We’ll raise a wee dram to that!

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